Harry Brodsky


Artist biography

Farm Hand

graphite on paper 1941


pencil signed, titled & dated

13 1/2 x 10 inches


Blue Mountain 

Farm Hand 

Homeless Man 

Homeless Man (Exit) 

Italian Bottles 

Italian Bottles #2 

Kensington Rooftops 

Negro Stevedore 

No Exit 


Paganini with Bow 

Pantomime Clown 

Paper Fantasy 


Reclining Nude 



Still Life with Bottles 

Still Life with Glasses 

Still Life with Grapefruit 

Summer Night 

The Anchor 

The Bar 

The Boat 

The Champion 

The Last Car 

The Old Tree 

The Other Side of the Tracks 

The Shirt 

The Tailor 

Things to Remember 

Triple Concerto 

Two Peaks 

White Sail 

Wine and Song